Food and beverage business model analysis

the success of your food or drink, there are many factors affecting the catering business is one of the key factors. Catering business to master certain skills, there is no way to directly to restaurants to death, did not begin to foresee his misery, so the restaurant business must master the skills, today Xiaobian to introduce some restaurant management skills.

business model in the form of specific products, services, including the three elements of the environment.

three different forms of the combination of the entire business model. In the entire market competition, according to the location of the shop you choose to combine business model, or you define a good model to choose the location of the shop, these are the main reasons for the success or failure of a restaurant brand.

1, the focus of the law

according to the company’s main business projects, concentrated packaging.

For example,

, a coastal city restaurant, seafood as the main characteristics, combined with the classic Cantonese cuisine Hunan Shandong dishes, you can form "Fisherman’s Wharf", "seafood city" or "port" mode, the corresponding information transfer, convenient customer interpretation.

2, cultural stage method (including history, geography)

this is a common pattern shaping method. With the help of the legend stories of local customs and practices, re integration of the hotel’s consumption patterns and food structure, so that customers in the hotel consumption, to experience the charm of culture.

such as xiangeqing and other specialty restaurant model.

3, vessel rendering method

food processing or cooking utensils on the basis of innovative food and beverage model.

In recent years

heady "purple sand pot", "cloisonne Hot pot" and "paper barbecue" all belong to this model.

4, variety headed

this is an old but vigorous dining mode, many centuries old tradition, dare not go one step beyond. The single varieties of dishes leader, unmatched food forest, Zhongxingpengyue, extremely easy to obtain the trust of customers.

"Roasted Duck shop", "mutton slices cooked in hot pot" and "Noodles with Soy Bean Paste" is an example.

5, cooking method binding method

specializes in cooking dishes.

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