A man in Wenzhou for drug erjingong

drugs to bring people to the devastating blow, so that people are very sad, so drug is everyone needs to do. In 2002, Ruian City Public Security Bureau was forced to drug treatment for 6 months, in May 2009 due to drug trafficking by the Yiwu Municipal People’s court sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years, was released from prison in May 2012. After his release, he ignored the family counseling and discouraged, went to Yiwu to return to prostitution, the results will soon be Yiwu City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Station arrested, will face the plight of "three Palace".

3 8 in the morning, the traffic police station boarded a bus to Yiwu Wenzhou, long-distance bus in routine Jiangdong passenger, found a man wearing a dark jacket with suspicion of drug emaciation with sallow complexion. Police then stepped forward to ask. The man flustered, evasive, and suddenly jumping to escape. The police followed the chase, after more than 100 Zhang captured.

under the guidance of the education of the police, the man admitted to the evening of March 3rd smoked methamphetamine facts. However, in the further investigation, the police found that it was forced by drug, drug trafficking and criminal convictions and sentencing, which caused a high degree of vigilance of the police investigators. However, the man admitted to drug abuse, contrary to other things is deep, silent.

This unusual move

quiet leaving the police suspicions. As the trial came to a deadlock, the police informed of the case but brothers came to police themselves, a drug dealer told the original police arrested the brothers, from his possession of drugs is the man arrested by the traffic police station sent home ". The next trial as easy as blowing off dust, the Wencheng County of Wenzhou City, surnamed Wang poured completely, confessed his crimes.

no matter who they are, as long as people are exposed to drugs, it will bring harm to people. Originally, Wang was not repent, at the invitation of "old friends" once again fall into the quagmire of inextricably bogged down in drug. In order to seek a long lost in the illusion of drug manufacturing, but also embarked on a stall to raise suck, the old crime.

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