Clothing industry to join the fierce competition to be cautious

clothing industry is now in the stage of rapid development, but by the impact of the Internet model and other factors, in recent years, the apparel industry is also facing a huge business difficulties. Huaiyin District of Ji’nan city Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff Mr. Wang, this year Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered self-employed clothing 30% less than last year. In March this year, the introduction of the ’21’ impact, the most important reason is the impact of the electricity supplier."

"orders this year than last year fell by 20% in the high-end brand impact." Ji’nan Luokou clothing wholesale market a clothing franchisee Lin told reporters. "Positioning in the high-end brand is currently in the most embarrassing situation. Than the value of the brand, but the big luxury jewelry, but also do not want to come down to the price and low price. A little careless, it will destroy the operation of many years of brand."

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