The characteristics of brand join steak

Haojia steak

Haojia guest is a company specializing in the production and sales of the steak restaurant chain. Since its establishment, has been a gradual improvement of similar products in the domestic well-known company products on the market development of the long-term planning, taking root in Putian, based in Fujian, to the country as a strategic step and strategic objectives, in each big city of Putian, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Shanghai set up a franchise, and to Guangdong. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shandong city extended sales market, and gradually began to national strategic layout.

the spirit of "honesty, steady management" business philosophy, emphasizing the main products in the core business at the same time, gradually formed its own culture, enhance the brand value of Haojia guest, also won the multi-party recognition, continuous access to "Chinese top 100 catering enterprises" and "China top ten assured catering enterprises" and "Chinese restaurant brand" and many other honors. Big brands produce large call, in China to join the development of regional agents and gradually set off an upsurge of unlimited wealth is waiting to create!

steak franchise brands which

Costa steak

Costa steak restaurant environment elegant, very suitable for dating and gathering. All kinds of steak collection, characteristics of staple food, all kinds of soft drinks…… The rich and diverse choice will not let you lose face in front of his girlfriend! The food lovers packages are also diversified, not only can let people have multiple delicious, do not spend too much price.

Costa steak shop to take the people first policy, the price closer to the consumer’s estimated psychology, the pursuit of cheap meal products, quality assurance at the same time the price has been lowered. Adhere to the noble taste, ordinary consumption business philosophy, aims to allow more customers to enjoy Europe’s top steak, because Costa believes that not all of the noble must be high-end consumer.



Hollywood steak spirit, combined with the local culture, innovation based on traditional steak on the Hollywood steak champion in the same industry. In Paris, in London, in Buenos Aires, in each of the romantic moments, young men and women of fashion and enjoy the taste of love steak Haolaiwu bring exclusive time; share the romantic and polytrophic classic steak, experience love happy moment happy world.

from the purchase to the kitchen, choose to production from raw materials, produced health nutrition principle follow the Western tradition from nutrition collocation, and fried dishes less, be authentic, of nutritive preserved, attracted the majority of customers. Top chef, take you into the international restaurant. Haolaiwu steak with top chef cordon, every meal is a fine chef >

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