Entrepreneurship is not detours to join Chongqing chickenhotpot


Chongqing chickenhotpot? A large number of incoming join advantage ride the wind and waves. If you to join Chongqing chickenhotpot project, is also very interested in. So, don’t hesitate, go ahead!

Chongqing chickenhotpot inheriting the traditional process, realize the unity of delicious and healthy eating, will not forget, has been vigorously pursued by the consumers, entrepreneurs to join the project. Private secret recipe, ingredients selection of exquisite collocation, science, not only do the local materials, low cost of raw materials, but also ensure the original flavor of the chicken pot. Chongqing chickenhotpot training base to inexperienced franchisee to learn quickly, master chickenhotpot exclusive technology.

chickenhotpot training base of professional chefs strict training and examination and all the details of the operation are standardized, standardized operating procedures, each franchisee must master after graduation examination to rigorous graduation shop, ensure chickenhotpot taste standard.

chicken year, to choose to join the Chongqing chickenhotpot project, an open their own brand of Chongqing chickenhotpot stores, let our business no longer detours!

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