When the hot – sland franchise

in the modern society, so loved by the people, as the popularity of the special delicacy, easy to Taiwan from Taiwan, Taiwan has always been easy chowhound favourite classic taste when Taiwan Rice and vegetable roll, fragrant glutinous rice, so many entrepreneurs are beginning to lead a person to endless aftertastes, interested in Taiwan to join.

[Island convenience]

Since the

easy to enter the mainland island self catering market, as a base in Wenzhou, after eight years of history in Wenzhou has successy opened a number of stores, and operating in good condition, has formed a chain of characteristic management system and has the characteristics of complete package making process, become popular when brand.

[Island convenience join advantage]

restaurant market competition, Taiwan headquarters in garnishings easy diversification principle, provide a variety of styles when combined, to adapt to the consumption demand, the market a wide range of consumer groups more profitable. At the same time, the headquarters will join the success of the business as a top priority for the development of the brand, providing a range of after-sales protection for each investor, entrepreneurship becomes easy and simple.

[Island easy joining process]

consulting, select the address, to implement the investigation of rental shops (or another shop) signed a contract to join, the decoration and construction (and staff recruitment and training), project acceptance, promotion and trial operation (for the relevant documents), officially opened, awarded the franchise stores.

with Taiwan easy development of these years, has gradually won the favor of consumer convenience, the island has been popular in Taiwan now, when Taiwan Headquarter always adhere to high-quality, carey selected high quality rice, consumers are very easy to Taiwan trust, no pollution, exquisite packaging.

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