Nanjing botanical garden flower blossom flourish

spring is the season of flowers, flowers bring brilliant purples and reds, thick spring to the people, let people feel the coming of spring, the botanical garden in Nanjing, people will be attracted by the colorful flowers. Orange warriors, Antarctica, diamond powder, recently, covers an area of 8000 square meters of European flower exhibition opened in Nanjing Zhongshan botanical garden, the "brilliant pink powder", "yellow gold" orange "Juan".

is beautiful, came to see so many flowers, a riot of colours, my mood has changed very good, everyone can be happy to take pictures, pictures.

[comment] under the sun, the tulip is particularly beautiful, attracted many photography enthusiasts attention, in the face of such beautiful flowers, love to sing the old people is their restless voice, singing.

[contemporaneous] (singing scene)

[same period] (Nanjing citizen Yang Yicheng)

is really beautiful, all kinds of colors, into the garden, I can not help but want to sing.

[interpretation] Nanjing botanical garden, in addition to a variety of flowers red Aladdin, red and yellow color of the warm parrot, the black queen of the night, but also the introduction of 34 new varieties in particular in Zhongshan. Flower pattern is also a mix of people, love.

[same period] (Nanjing Zhongshan botanical garden staff Li Mei)

(flower) its petals are sharp, and then a little outward roll, such as Aladdin, beautiful lover, and so on, which belongs to the lily like tulip.

all kinds of flowers, let people instantly carry the camera, want to have recorded such a scene to bring more people to know. The European flower show there are daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and other bulb flowers of more than and 60 varieties, nearly 400 thousand kinds of ball, plus more than 2 seasonal flower pots, create a beautiful Lake Township rhyme, style, exquisite garden.

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