Do you know how to run a hot pot restaurant

is our traditional Hot pot China delicacy, today is very popular in the catering industry, has its own position, Hot pot now in the catering market, loved by a lot of people, but also has high popularity. For many people, are very much like to open a hot pot shop. But want to open a profitable hot pot shop, still need a lot of skills management methods. Today, we’ll take a look at how to open a profitable hot pot shop.

on the pre publicity, especially the large open stores, or stores the Hot pot propaganda is very important! 15-20 days ahead of the start of the publicity, it is best to start their own staff to promote it can pull, there is no need to report the child or TV pull! The ways of advertising: customized cheap paper towels issued, no more than 2 cents a pack, please add to the surrounding community elderly yangko dance or drum team, along with the publicity around a few days!

fully grasp the periphery of the consumer mind, take it in suburban areas such as Hot pot to highlight the dishes taste component, to highlight the spicy fresh, in the urban areas than the downtown area should be color, style, taste delicious dishes to highlight the sweetness, flavor and other characteristics!

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