General general requirements to join the hot pot

hot pot restaurant seems to have become a trend in the form of catering, investors scrambling to choose the project, to join the venture to make money. Hot pot joined the brand general Chinese hot pot to join the project? Join need to have what condition? The Palestinian general Hot pot is a leader in the industry, Hot pot of good taste, many repeat customers, the Palestinian general Hot pot stores operation core is to set up a best Hot pot shop in the shortest time with a minimum of money, let you get an unexpected harvest. How about joining general beer? General is definitely a good investment projects, the next small series will introduce you to this project.

in order to protect the legitimate interests of the franchisee, the general association of hot pot to join the project to join the Arab League have certain conditions, franchisees need to meet the following conditions:

1, agree with general brand culture and management model, and can maintain the brand image.

2, love food and beverage business, and can maintain the heart and soul.

3, there is a certain financial strength and connections.

4, good communication skills and sense of cooperation, to comply with the contract agreement.

5, willing to participate in the headquarters training and management and guidance.

general hot pot to join the project designed for small and medium investors tailored for the business area and the amount of investment small investors, reduce investment risk. The choice of general hot pot is a wise choice. General hot pot look forward to your joining, and you share a huge wealth of business opportunities.

reminder: through a small series of introduction, I believe you have to join the Palestinian general Hot pot has a certain understanding, if you have a Hot pot Pakistani generals to join the project, welcome you to consult our online customer service, or to the bottom of the page of the message board message to us, we will make a comprehensive solution to see the first time a message for you.

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