The seven woman to join Chuanchuan Xiang has what kind of flow

seven string of incense? Good business opportunities in the market, no worries. If you join the seven string of incense project, is also a very exciting. So, it is necessary to pay attention to, to join the seven string of strings with what kind of process? Let’s take a look at it:

1, through the and telephone to understand the project information.

2, up to seven Po string incense headquarters visits, visit stores, confirm the project.

3, seven string of incense to join the headquarters of the store to assess the investigation.

4, how to join the seven string of Shannon Shannon guide staff recruitment, staff training.

5, unified design and decoration, the seven string of fragrant fragrance headquarters supervision and guidance of construction.

6, license processing, decoration construction acceptance.

7, equipment commissioning and installation, material distribution to assist trial business.

8, seven string of incense chain shop official business, make money.

20 years, in the creation of people under the leadership of the "seven great Chuanchuan Xiang" adhere to the people-oriented, customer first purpose, at a low price, rich dishes, rare taste and the integrity of the principle of serving the public, and through continuous improvement and innovation, constitute a rare style of the "seven great string of incense", and form a set of their own management mode and is suitable for public consumption.

joined the seven string of fragrant incense project, to open a chain of their own to join the chain of seven sweet potato snack bar, the market is good business, small business optimization. Simple way to join, with the strength of the brand to join the project. Don’t you still heart?

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