Female college students Chen Fengjuan sell flour easy to earn a million

not only to sell flour to make money, but also to make millions of wealth, at the same time, is still run by a female college student, whether such a venture so many investors marvel. Here, let Xiaobian take you to know the protagonist Chen Fengjuan entrepreneurial case.

"Auntie, I’ll help you move up." With that, Chen Fengjuan easily carried a bag of flour onto the customer’s car. 9 pm, Chen Fengjuan is a person in his own food store to see the store, the store is located in the square of 200 square meters, with thousands of bags of flour. Chen Fengjuan flour wholesale business, mainly sold to the city’s grain stores, schools, canteens and other places in nearby to buy flour customers, Chen Fengjuan is still willing to sell at wholesale price, and thoughtful service, in the face of frail customers, Chen Fengjuan also to help them to put the flour into the car.

a bag of flour fifty pounds, she moved up there is no problem." Often come to buy a big sister Chen Fengjuan said, do not look at the eyes of the little girl slim body, all of a sudden move up to 50 pounds of flour to be able to do it. "The little girl is capable and good service, we are all happy to buy things from her."

heard the praise of the elder sister, Chen Fengjuan embarrassed smile. Chen Fengjuan revealed that he had two guys in the store, usually to pull out flour noodles delivery, the store will be their own care. In case of customer reminders urgent, she often want to put the flour on the car, and then pull to the customer.

"has been out of the exercise, and I am a meter seven of the head, nor is it white long?" Due to the frequent handling of flour, with thick calluses on Chen Fengjuan’s hand.

can not sit, female college students

became the youngest entrepreneur

in Yantai city Zhifu District Zhuji grain and oil wholesale market on the 100 wholesalers, Chen Fengjuan said: "we should calculate the number of my age is the smallest." As a result of high, Chen Fengjuan earlier than other children enrolled in 2008, Chen Fengjuan graduated from Shandong Normal University, only 21 years old.

I am a man, can not sit, not used to being tube, nine to five work." Chen Fengjuan said he may be born in the bones of treason, after graduating from college, she was only a few months in Ji’nan to do the work of the office of a class clerk, he resigned to Yantai.

resigned after I went to Yantai Vocational College rented a shop to do tea business." Although his hometown in Weifang, Chen Fengjuan’s words have been filled with a thick Yantai accent. "Since I was a teenager, my family moved to Yantai, and that’s why I decided to start a business in Yantai." However, do tea business is required

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