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in all kinds of snack products in China, the cake has always been a very high popularity, coupled with the increase in demand for this, so that our country is more and more brand pastry. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of pastry list, so that consumers in this area needs to choose the right big brand.

ten cakes brand rankings, hollyland:


Beijing Holiland enterprise Cci Capital Ltd has been to the industry leader in the rapid development of the attitude, has won the focus on brand protection; the first Chinese Consumer Association awarded 3· 15 mark of the enterprise, through the ISO9000:2000, HACCP food safety system certification, and was listed as the only a moon cake production process tracking the food industry enterprise national food quality supervision the inspection center, and approved as stated in the product packaging: "products to ensure national food quality supervision and inspection center".

ten cakes brand ranking NO.2, Qinyuan:

Chongqing Qinyuan Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1989, is a collection of bread, cake, Chinese and Western style snacks, cakes, dumplings and other products R & D, manufacturing, sales as one of the famous bakery chain enterprises. Chongqing is the first through the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification and the first batch of cakes (including moon cake) national mandatory food safety market access QS certification of food pastry enterprises.

ten cakes brand ranking NO.3, weiduomei:


Beijing weiduomei Food limited liability company is a baked, Western-style food, coffee is a joint-stock enterprise leading chain. By ISO9001, QS and HACCP certification. Cakes ten brands, well-known (famous) cake brand, consumer satisfaction with the brand, product quality trustworthy brand, the market selling brand, Beijing City, the credibility of the quality of products, the domestic well-known bakery chain food enterprises, the national excellent bakery.

cake ten brands list NO.4, Tianjin paradise:

Jin Park cake industry Co. Ltd was founded in 1996, Tianjin park has been adhering to the "sincere brand building, innovation and development" business philosophy, around the "health and delicious" organization development and production of high-quality raw materials, selection of top suppliers in the global scope, in accordance with the ISO international quality management system and food safety hazards control point (HACCP) system requires strict screening, to ensure that all raw materials to achieve the highest quality.

ten cakes brand ranking NO.5, Ganso:

Shanghai Ganso dreams fruit.

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