What are the tricks to store fire

winterarrive, droughts, fire prevention work is not good, very easy to fire. So, if you want to successy operate a retail store, also need to invest more in the above fire. In July 20, 2011, Zhejiang Province, Ruian city fire accident Xincheng town Nanyang Industrial Zone retail operators in the Zhang family, the business shop together with all his possessions were suddenly burned into ashes, suffered heavy losses. The reason is that the factory behind the shop fire implicated.

the fire while not Zhang’s own negligence, but to the retail merchants engaged in cigarette business sounded the alarm, how to do the fire prevention measures, ensure workplace safety management, has become the majority of retailers pondering. This period we and we explore the shop fire problem, and we will come out to share the coup.

@ stir fried small West:

now has a lot of retail business home is the former shop home style structure, this structure is most likely to cause a fire. Who does not have a lack of time in the store ah. To the point of the meal, not downstairs and help, at the store to shop, kitchen runs, a careless negligence of the stove, the fire is likely to take advantage of the crack and enter!

@ Benz calves:

autumn and winter dry, especially indoor smoking caused the fire, the shop readily throw cigarette butts of bad habits can be changed.

@ moe you did not discuss:

everybody can learn our tobacco companies practices, in the end of season and an important holiday to a store safety inspection! On the wire, TV and other electrical equipment to check again to see if there is damage, extended service, and quickly repair, replacement.

@ reverse direction clock:

I would like to make a proposal to the family as a unit, the production of a fire emergency plan, learn to escape it! Fire fighting, half by "anti", half by "disappear". At the same time do a good job of fire prevention measures, but also must understand the point of fire escape knowledge! This is not only the responsibility of the professional fire brigade, every household can do!

@ WD jingle cat:

isn’t it?! The cooking time don’t leave the stove, but also not in the store "new", like alcohol and tobacco goods are flammable, easy to fire, be careful ah.

@ pear Hill:

things like electric heaters, gas cans and mosquito coils

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