The shop business process but also to develop a good habit of whole

even if the shop, there are a lot of habits we need to form, in short, to develop a good habit for our long-term development of the store is very favorable. A few days ago, a customer came to the store to buy a pack of 13 yuan of cigarettes, I will find the change of $87 to the other side, and then finishing the cashier’s entire money, found that only one piece of the whole money of 50 yuan, how can not see the $100.

I realized he had mistaken the customer gave me 50 yuan for 100 yuan change to the people. I quickly ran out of the shop, fortunately, the customer has not gone far, holding a cell phone in his hand. I tried to catch up: "the eldest brother, really feel shy, just put money wrong, you give me 50 yuan, 100 yuan for my change……" The customer put down the phone: "I did not pay attention to it, busy on the phone, do not see how much you find me." Said, the customer took out just now I find his change back to me.

you see, I’m a little inattentive almost because of his careless and will find more money to the people, fortunately, I have a habit, even if no matter how busy will give customers money alone on the side. As a result, they have no wrong change will be the first time found. In business, such mistakes are common.

however, although often, but it does not mean that we can offend, as long as we try a little more customers to a geographic, and then do business writing. Therefore, we must develop good habits, to find a successful side in every business, but also to learn from the drawbacks, and ultimately develop a good habit of learning from each other, so that in the business will be very little error.

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