Stick to faith

  in August 2, 2012, the north branch organization of agriculture and animal husbandry party members and cadres to watch "faith" videos, Party members and cadres are full of excitement., be calm, deeply felt Chinese Communist Party has experienced 90 years of temper, today, become the world’s largest economy, military power, let people live a happy life life. To create such a brilliant achievement, really not easy. The three period
by watching the "faith" of the party members have realized that, as a member of the Communist Party, always keep in mind the purpose of the party, consciously use China socialism theory to arm their minds, take the lead politics, the overall situation, discipline, better based on the position of chuangxianzhengyou, in accordance with the requirements of fine management, to create a delicate gas is in a good environment.
in the firm belief in faith to add new energy, work to set up a new image, work to do new achievements. So, how does a firm belief:

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