Xining, the first batch of 123 poor students to benefit from the heart hope

recently, the heart of ·, hope to care for the first batch of low-income young people grant funds in place, the grant of a total of 123 thousand yuan of funds, the city a total of 123 students to receive funding.

"· to love the poor youth welfare action initiated by the Communist Youth League Xining Committee, Xining evening news, Xining Youth Federation and the Xining Youth Entrepreneurs Association, since the event started, many enterprises and units of love and caring people have generously donated sac donations, as of now, a total of 550 thousand yuan to raise funds, first aid for poor students, in accordance with the standard 1000 yuan per person per year, graduated from the primary school to support. "The heart of · hope" action greatly encouraged the poor youth hard learning confidence, supported by the students learning in the future will be more efforts, well intentioned people do not live up to expectations, with outstanding achievements to repay the community care.

"heart · hope" action is a powerful measure to effectively care for young people, actively integrate social resources and build up social forces for the harmonious and happy Xining. The municipal Party committee will take this opportunity to wide attention of teenagers the livelihood of the people, to raise funds through multiple channels, persevere, inclusive of vulnerable group of youth, wholeheartedly for the city more in need of help young people to do practical things. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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