Xining traffic bureau aided Yushu village road hardening project will be put into operation

In September 5th, the reporter learned from Xining City Department of transportation, the end of October, Xining city traffic bureau aided Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture zadoi County, Hu Teng Zhen Nao, the plexus and Jager, Sha Qingsi village, a total of 16 kilometers of the village road hardening project will be fully put into use. Currently, the four villages completed a total of 10.520 kilometers of road paving, concrete pavement pouring of 4.766 km, gravel pavement laying of 5.554 km, the completion rate was 65.7%, 56.4% and 73.5%.

Yushu County, more than four villages in the town of the town of high elevation, poor natural conditions, construction difficult. This year, more rain, not only affected the normal construction operations, the rain also caused partial damage to the roadbed, some of the roadbed often need to be renovated several times in order to increase the workload of construction tasks. In addition, the downtown, that, Jager, sand green four villages and village construction points scattered each other, construction workers and construction machinery and equipment transfer time usually takes longer, occupied a longer effective period.

as of now, a cluster, two villages zagosur five construction sites fully completed subgrade paving, concrete pavement construction and gravel paving task.

village road hardening project implementation and completion of the national and provincial, county and township roads and village roads directly connected to the herdsmen’s doorstep, provides convenient travel conditions for local herdsmen, the positive effect to the development of local economy and herdsmen’s production and living. (author: Liu Peng)


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