Two lines in a precise identification of the work completed

at the end of last year, across the province, according to provincial unified arrangements, increase the intensity of work, the first in the country in accordance with the subsistence allowances and poverty alleviation standard "two lines one" to carry out a new round of poverty identification precision. As of now, the province has completed the work comprehensively, 42 poor counties (city, District Committee, 520 thousand, 1622) poverty participatory poverty village, was included in the "two in one" out of poverty alleviation action plan guaranteeing.

it is reported that in the new round of identification, strictly through the five views work requirements, in accordance with the individual application, the villagers, village level publicity, township review, county approval procedures for identification. According to the main factors of poverty poverty object presents, "a group of eight objects" and scale. According to promote accurate poverty, poverty alleviation precise requirements, to further strengthen the cohesion of the minimum living security system and Poverty Alleviation Policies and other social security system, the implementation of the minimum living security policy and the poverty relief measures, give full play to reveal the role of the subsistence security system, to ensure that the province’s poverty population to realize the overall poverty, entering a well-off society synchronized with the people of the province.

the next step will be in accordance with the county poverty alleviation object network publicity standards and requirements, each village and household to verify the information input, participatory information system, found the problem does not cover does not cover, timely rectification, improve the accuracy of information poverty reduction target. Provincial poverty alleviation agencies will be randomly targeted for a new round of poverty information, where the error rate of more than 4% place, will be re identified.

in the future will be an accurate identification of the province every year, and the implementation of the third party assessment, the implementation of the poverty population has a dynamic management. The first half of this year, will complete the construction of big data platform of poverty alleviation task, establish multi sectoral networking verification mechanism to achieve poverty reduction target basic information dynamic, digital, normal management, to ensure that the data review, traceability, achieve resource sharing between departments, industry, information exchange.


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