Wang Yubo pointed out that in the work of foreign investment and the 2012 meeting of the meeting wil

September 29th, the municipal government held a work cum 2012 Xining urban development investment fair summary. Deputy secretary and mayor Wang Yubo at the meeting stressed that the city should take this itefcewc success as an opportunity to establish a firm investment is to promote the development of the concept of the cohesion force, encouraging the development of Chi, the inexhaustible power will do the spirit into the first development, to effectively support the outcome of the meeting into a wealthy and strong city.

2012 Xining urban development investment fair high specifications, more projects, new design, fruit. Especially in the project promotion, investment negotiations and the final landing of the project, to enhance the development of the city, to deepen the connotation of the establishment of brand projects accounted for the main, the number of large projects significantly. At the same time, urban complex and other projects to become the biggest selling point, to enhance the bearing capacity of urban development has played a positive role. In addition, the West during the meeting, the introduction of foreign investment to further increase the active participation of the chamber of Commerce in Nanjing, active private investment transactions, auction projects immediately traded.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the 2012 Xining urban development investment fair to promote economic and social development in Xining to build a new platform. Haiyan Road commercial complex and a number of strategic investment projects in Xining, has poured into the vigor for the development, increased stamina. Governments at all levels and departments must to promote investment work to a new level. At present, priority among priorities is to consolidate and expand the results of project negotiation, tracking the implementation of the project has been signed Strike while the iron is hot., and good service, accelerate the construction of projects.

Wang Yubo stressed that Xining is underdeveloped areas, and promote the development of more external capital, technology and talent support, we should put the investment as the first thing of economic work, the provincial government in accordance with the "two new" and "three zone" strategy of the overall deployment, emancipate the mind, increase the intensity of open thinking, innovation, pragmatic work, and promote investment. All regions, departments, the park should carefully control the objectives and tasks, and promote investment, to ensure the full completion of the annual objectives and tasks. At the same time, we should seriously study plan for next year’s investment work, do everything possible to seek a breakthrough, establish and implement the system, clear the focus of investment, expand investment areas, innovative investment ideas, make full use of the Green Fair, itefcewc major investment platform, "a good table", "sing leading role", adhere to the project as the object of the thematic investment, area of investment, investment teams, one investment, and actively implement the entrusted investment, professional intermediary investment and investment, and give full play to various industry associations, market investment, improve the success rate of investment. (author: Xiao Yu)


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