13 cultural projects to create the soul of Xining

culture is the soul of a nation, a city without culture is lost in the core of the development, the fair city, 13 cultural industry projects focused on demonstrating the soul of the city of Xining’s future, 3 of which reflect the national culture of local film will show the people of Xining jingqishen.

Xining is the ancient silk road must pass through, what approached, the North South integration, left a rich resources of ethnic and religious culture, Plateau unique scenery and pleasant climate, summer also created the conditions for the rapid development of richly endowed by nature of the cultural industry in Xining. It is understood that, by 2015, as the city of Xining will become more perfect in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau regional cultural center, has the international reputation of the plateau landscape garden tourist city, the province’s 4 cultural industry base in the 2 landing in Xining, to cultivate the 4 annual income of 10 million yuan cultural enterprises, with 3 new declaration the distinctive local characteristics of culture boutique repertoire, the creation of 5 -6 a well-known brand of cultural industries.

Xining Art Museum: to build a set of painting, photography in one of the comprehensive art exhibition, exhibition venues, the construction of the surrounding painting and calligraphy market.

—- settlement site park: the ruins of the excavation site as the original exhibition area, unearthed cultural relics exhibition area, the surrounding ecological protection area and cultural service area, reproduction of Xining 4000 years ago, the ancestors of the production and living scenes.

Qinghai Grand Theater Hall: located on the west side of the Grand Theater, can accommodate 300 people at the same time viewing, design style and the Grand Theater integration, modern fashion.

—- ancient city of 4D Cinema: the audience in the visual experience of visual, auditory, tactile and other full range of experience, greatly enhance the audience’s sense of experience and novelty.

– Richpower cultural city project: create a set of children’s entertainment and culture center, Hehuang cultural city, Limeng Culture Museum, bookstore as one of the cultural city.

– Summer Winter Music Festival: Chinese concentrated held many music culture performances, music interpretation summer Xining winter special charm.

– modern ballet "holy": a large modern ballet to create a commemoration of the Qinghai Tibet line opened on the 6 anniversary of the creation, to create both social and economic benefits for the fine.

– television network construction project: the construction of a financial platform for the dissemination of Xining TV, Xining daily, Xining mobile mobile phone client, community, mobile TV and other new media in one, to achieve full coverage of news and information.

– "the Silk Road" Qinghai shooting: cooperate with our province to apply for the world non material cultural heritage of the silk road project, Toupai 10 set of high-definition TV documentary.

– shooting "Hong Hua Princess": the background of the project to develop a princess, praise her to promote Qiang, Tuyuhun, Tibetan, Datang harmonious political situation.

animation film "Dorji brothers": to fill the province and even the western region is no animation, especially the lack of national development of outstanding material animation works of the empty;

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