The eastern people’s livelihood happiness index jiejiegao

The first half of August 15th, the reporter from the East District on the economic operation of the news media briefing was informed that the first half continue to strengthen the protection of people’s livelihood, increasing financial investment, efforts to solve the urban low-income groups in housing, medical care, schooling, pension and other difficulties.It is reported that the first half of the year,

, the endowment insurance extended unemployment insurance increased by 1045 people, expand the net increase of 600 people. Cumulative payment of the minimum living allowance, outpatient subsidies and other relief funds of more than 2300 yuan, effectively protect the basic livelihood of the poor people. Continue to increase employment and entrepreneurship training, speeding up the East District of youth (college students) the construction of business incubator, the labor market, 4125 new urban jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate was 3%; 125 people entrepreneurship training; focus on supporting entrepreneurial personnel 230 people, 850 people entrepreneurship to create jobs; the organization to guide the transfer of rural labor employment 3870 people, realize labor income 13 million yuan. To strengthen the construction of community infrastructure, the international village, Fu Qiang Xiang community public service center office building is being renovated, is expected to be delivered in September, Tibet garden and Taining public service center of community office space being pre planning; for the people such as textile, office space project is the main construction. Strengthen safety production and food and drug supervision and management, and effectively protect the lives and property of the people. Conscientiously fulfill the market supervision and management functions, continue to implement the 28 major varieties of vegetables classification of zero slip control, organize the market price tag, special inspection of spring school fees, 3 new stores, stalls issued subsidies 937 thousand and 200 yuan, maintain the basic stability of the general price level.  

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