Xining go all out to help enterprises


"to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment, the city to carry out an important part of good helping activities as the transformation of government functions, to build a harmonious relationship between government and enterprises, to implement the relevant policies and measures to help enterprises solve practical difficulties, to boost business confidence throughout the whole process of activities, the next best. Current activities are progressing smoothly, has achieved remarkable results. October 11th, the Municipal Economic Commission informed the relevant circumstances at the relevant meeting.

as of the end of 2011, the city a total of all kinds of small and micro enterprises 8056, accounting for the city’s enterprises (8122), the number of 99%. Employees reached 278 thousand people, operating income of $59 billion 475 million, accounting for 39% of total operating income. Small and micro enterprises in the city’s economic and social development is extremely important position and role.

city over the past two months of efforts to further improve the development environment of small and micro enterprises, the overall situation is significantly better, further enhance the confidence of enterprise development. With the continuous deepening of activities and the benefits of enterprise in the implementation of the policy, a number of influence enterprise production development difficulties and problems will be gradually solved, small and micro enterprises to increase the enthusiasm and urgency of investment projects, rapid development has been greatly improved. Some entrepreneurial base is also greatly accelerated pace, steady growth of the work achieved positive results. Since the campaign, the city’s industrial production to maintain rapid growth. 1-8 months of the city’s small and micro enterprises to achieve industrial output value of 41 billion 599 million yuan, an increase of 27.4%, higher than the city’s average growth rate of 13.92 percentage points, an increase of 4.84 percentage points over the first half.

more than two months, in the correct leadership of the provincial government, the municipal government attaches great importance to our city, more than 1000 cadres of more than 3 thousand small and micro enterprises, to help them find problems, ideas, policies, raise funds, send to,. The active service enterprises, concerned about the spring breeze Small and micro businesses and help enterprise development is very strong. Since the start of the campaign, the city’s efforts to implement the benefits of corporate policies. The coordination of business loans: as of the end of September, the city’s financial institutions Small and micro businesses loans 43 billion 392 million yuan, including new Small and micro businesses loans 3 billion 756 million yuan 1-9 month. For 84 small and micro enterprises to implement the loan of $520 million. Financial support: up to now, a total of 330 million yuan to support the implementation of various types of small and micro enterprises. Another more than and 80 have declared all kinds of small and micro enterprise development funds are tracking the implementation of the project. The tax policy: by the end of September, the IRS to reach the starting point of the value added tax of 35 thousand and 100 self-employed from tax 45 million 900 thousand yuan, the new office of 5895 households Small and micro businesses and the self-employed exemption fee for 125 thousand yuan, 4365 of households Small and micro businesses shall be exempted from the invoice fee of 2 million 286 thousand yuan. City land tax bureau for 1462 small and micro enterprises exempt from tax of $3 million 691 thousand. Training: Party and government leaders have held financial knowledge training courses, accounting standards for small business training three, more than 300 party and government cadres and small and micro enterprises will be;

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