n the second half of 2016, the National Computer Rank Examination was successfully concluded

In the second half of, the National Computer Rank Examination was conducted in three universities in the province from September 24th to 26. The test is divided into four levels, to the level of 22, the number of subjects, the number of applicants for the 6487, the smooth and smooth end of the whole exam.

in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the examination, in accordance with the deployment and arrangement of the national education examination, the provincial examination management center for the examination of the entire organization of the examination arrangements, the establishment of appropriate organizational leadership. Aiming at the weakness of examination work and possible problems, the provincial examination management center and group test units to formulate emergency plan effective preventive measures and major emergencies, signed target responsibility, step by step transmission safety office test pressure. At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth and orderly conduct of the security examination, the center of the strict examination admission, carefully check the "three certificates", and resolutely investigate and deal with teicoplanin gunmen, carrying books and materials prohibited candidates into the examination room; the center of the use of anti cheat requirements of hardware technology, strictly monitoring test of teachers and candidates carry illegal mobile phone and other communication tools into the examination room to prevent the occurrence of cheating, the use of modern means. Provincial Examination Management Center in a timely manner to send inspectors, the test group to test the situation of supervision and inspection, in view of the outstanding problems, to be pointed out and corrected in a timely manner.


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