Evening news of the public asked the public to watch the bus Hotline

As the saying goes,

city bus is a mirror image of the city, the bus is related to the interests of all its people, is related to the image of the city of Xining, to a certain extent, on behalf of the city civilization and the level of development, the city bus is convenient travel tools, also represents a city’s image of civilization. Recently, there are many bus passengers reflect Xining bus service hotline difficult to play, some passengers reflect bus service hotline in after receiving a complaint, but not like a clay ox entering the sea below.

citizen asked:

bus hotline so hard to play

people Mr. he reflected before he met together to take the 84 bus bus driver to disregard the safety of the passengers, under the brutal running event, anger, immediately think of the bus service hotline complaints. But look at all the cars in the car did not find the bus service hotline. After getting off, Mr. He query 114, got the number, call the bus service hotline, but the answer is: it only relates to accepting the Xining bus company complaints, 84 road transport to the bus company, so it is not in the scope of acceptance. He had no choice but to call 114, transportation transportation complaints telephone number, but in any case can not get through, and finally had to give up.

he believes that Xining’s public transport complaints should be set up a unified service hotline, the bus company is not necessary to separate. To set up a separate service hotline service not only the efficiency is low, if you encounter problems such as complaints, and may produce their phenomenon. Recommended that all bus service hotline unified set up by the unified management of the business sector, so as to effectively, timely and impartial handling of complaints and other issues.

reporter visited:

part of the bus complaints hotline no answer

things right enough? May 6th 16 am, the reporter called the city bus company service complaints telephone number, was told that the bus hotline has been changed to 4001009840, the results of the complaint after the treatment, how do I know? I am afraid that I have not been able to do so. I was not satisfied with the results of the complaint, I have not been able to do so. I am not sure. I am not satisfied with the results" Reporters asked, bus service hotline staff answer: will be reflected in the brigade responsible person, and in 3 working days to give an answer." Daily economic news reporter learned that, this hotline manual service from 7:30 to 19:30 every day, after work into voice services, holidays do not rest.

subsequently, the reporter went to the city Department of transportation and the city Department of transportation telephone hotline service complaints hotline, which, the city transportation service hotline no answer.

department answer:

further study the unified complaint platform

answer Department: Xining traffic bureau

answer: Deputy Director Bai Haiqing

according to the people in politics, city traffic bureau investigation to verify, bus service hotline complaints is focus on the problems of bus service, to accept the complaints of bus service in a timely manner, improve bus service quality, standard bus service behavior, can improve the bus service;

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