Xining customs to open up the green channel entry

2010 Qinghai Tibetan carpet International Exhibition held in Xining from June 20th to 23. In order to ensure the entry of exhibits fast customs clearance, Xining customs to further improve the business consulting, customs clearance, policy coordination three-in-one service platform, not only do the "three early", but also opened up Easy Access for entry of goods.

With the

channel, Xining customs from the smooth entry of exhibits transit exhibits declared in advance and exhibits rapid clearance and during the exhibition service in the field, policy advice and other specific aspects, decomposing the task, one by one to implement the responsibility, measures are in place, service in place. In order to further accelerate the speed of customs clearance, the customs of Xining visited the relevant exhibition units and enterprises, increase publicity and consultation efforts to understand the actual needs, coordinate and solve the immigration clearance for the exhibits, lay a good foundation for the exhibits fast customs clearance, advance dredge established special transit channels, timing contact system, by telephone, fax and other forms. To understand the logistics information entry of exhibits to the port customs, to ensure that the exhibits with turn, arrived in time the exhibition site.

at the same time, Xining customs has in the customs hall, the exhibition site opened the entry of goods Easy Access, provide 24 hours all-weather no holiday "uninterrupted on-site inspection, customs clearance facilitation, regardless of when come to the customs, the customs will be the first time for the enterprise to the customs clearance procedures, to ensure the smooth clearance of exhibits. As of June 17th, Xining customs rapid clearance 332 total 4.3 tons, worth $76 thousand entry of exhibits.


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