Small dragon hot pot to join the question and answer

also mentioned that we project the Hot pot a commonplace talk of an old scholar. We have to mention Hot pot Chongqing Hot pot project, Chongqing Hot pot brand Xiaolongkan Hot pot, Xiaolongkan Hot pot was founded in 2015, based on its own characteristics, in the market quickly opened the fame, become a hot Hot pot to join the brand, now join the common problems for the brand to summarize.

small pot hot pot to join questions and answers

1, how to join the characteristics of Sichuan hot pot small Hom Hom

first, you need to inspect the Kanmen dragons we store products taste, our company will join the inspection process to provide specialist investment analysis for you, when you signed a licensing agreement to join the project in order to fully understand the negotiation with the headquarters. From the date of entry into force of the agreement, you will begin to receive training guidance (the specific training time is based on the entry of the project), after the completion of the course, the company training plan, you can go back to the place before doing business. In the early stages of the application can also apply for guidance.

2, the current market so many food and beverage, in the end what a good little dragon hot pot brand advantage in there?

entrepreneurs money how to use, let it do the work, rather than "in vain", which is a lot of investors are most concerned about. Venture capital investors do not easily believe that the promotional material, but the field investigation to learn more about the investment situation is appropriate. As for what brand advantages, investors believe that the study will have a ledger. Xiaolongkan advantage: Hot pot Xiaolongkan Hot pot to since the opening has been well received by consumers, all Chengdu stores lining up almost every day, the shop is always full of the scene, the rapid rise of Xiaolongkan has become Chengdu food industry a dark horse, and from Chengdu reported in the mainstream media and network media, quickly to enhance brand awareness, and the company has established perfect brand operations division, subdivision for each franchisee investment ability, the reasonable management plan; Senior Guide full personal technical training; science curriculum, technical training: provide free technical training and management training, and provide updated technology upgrade with the series of product training. Advertising support: in the local satellite TV and network, new media advertising and other print media advertising. Our slogan is to help others succeed, at the same time to succeed themselves.

3, join the little dragon hot pot to shop about how much money to invest?

1. join fee: 15-30 million.

2. built fee: according to the different store area, per square meter shop costs about 1500-1800 yuan / square meter (including decoration materials).


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