How much is a good home steak

go to a western restaurant consumption to give a person a kind of what kind of feeling, of course, exclude fawning suspicion, no doubt we all feel the western restaurant service gives people a feeling of peace and happiness. Many food and beverage investors are also optimistic about the western investment market. A good home is a western style restaurant. Many people learn to eat Western food from the beginning of a good taste – from dining etiquette, to feel the elegant atmosphere, is a good place to experience western food. Good taste is not a family advocate high spending, not extravagance and luxury, but showing its fashionable breath in the warm and pleasant environment, it is hard to create the diners favorite atmosphere. Taste good home more emphasis on taste quality life attitude. How much does it cost to join a good steak?

How much is the

good home steak?

taste good home steak join costs:

taste good home steak shops can be selected in a number of cities and regions in the country, the need to join the different areas of the shop funds are different. In the second tier cities to join, for example, franchisees need to prepare 15 thousand yuan opening fee, $100 thousand of raw material costs, $200 thousand of equipment costs, a total of $1000 per square meter renovation fees totaling $992 thousand.

taste good home steak advantage:

1, joined the home’s good steak burger combo, join, zero inventory, low cost, high yield of

2, 3-5 will be able to open a stall shop, provincial store rent, provincial inventory, the cost of the province. How much does it cost to join a steak house?

3, small investment, everyone can afford to do business, everyone can earn fast mode.

4, simple atmospheric Hamburg delicacy sinks, headquarters to provide free support, no chef, provincial director, provincial labor.

5, network set + send: will be transferred from the Internet users to the line, online orders, by the regional partners responsible for the nearest distribution

through a small series of reports, we should all know the taste of good steak to join the question of how much, the brand is a good brand to join, welcome to have dreams of wealth the franchisees! Want to know more, remember to give us a message.

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