Double 11 to the electricity supplier sellers brought what

double 11 to bring more benefits to the buyers, but also to make electricity supplier sellers to achieve a carnival. Over the past 11 years to bring electricity supplier development is not a small impact, the creation of a landmark significance. So double 11 to the seller what?

in after years of rapid development, the double 11 can bring to the business is no longer simply offset sales holiday, it can also bring more value.

A is strong brand communication value. Today’s Tmall brand role a bit like CCTV, and the 11 is the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala, can play a dual brand itself is a symbol of strength, there are Tmall endorsement for brand communication has a greater value. Compared with CCTV advertising, double 11 is absolutely accurate advertising platform with low cost, as long as the business sales are squeezed into the top 10, the brand exposure is not inferior to the CCTV Spring Festival Gala gold advertising. If the sales of billions of dollars, the spread of value will be greater.

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