Sophomore boys He Xulei venture to sell lunch day to sell 300 boxes

university is now a lot of people will experience a period of time, different people will have different choices, University experience will naturally be different. While the sophomore boys He Xulei small business selling lunch, red business busy. He Xulei rides a motorcycle shuttle between his school and off campus street. The 19 year old boy is Shandong Economic University Mingshui Campus School of mathematics and statistics sophomore, ten box lunch motorcycle is the classmates called upload.

since his takeout lunch opened, every day they ate time that he and his partners the most busy time, one day can send two hundred or three hundred red business lunch, let them busy.

part-time salesman is also a college student

at 12 o’clock, it is through the campus outside Mingshui commercial street the most lively, a skinny boy riding a motorcycle constantly in and out, he is He Xulei. Commercial street is within a small simple board room, posting a "Jinshiyuan" takeout lunch. The 20 square meter house is He Xulei’s kitchen and warehouse.

window on the table, a girl listening to the phone, and pen down Xun shorthand. "Building 11 × × × to the three copies of the 4 yuan, a copy of the $5." Around the two phones rang up one after another. Just hang up a phone, and then pick up another, an hour’s time, two takeaway hotline has not stopped. From 11 to 12:30, he will ride a motorcycle from school and Commerce Street, more than a dozen times to send lunch.

"I am also a sophomore, in the school to see He Xulei recruit part-time advertising, want to take advantage of their spare time to work. Noon and evening have time to pick up the phone, and sometimes go to the girl to take away there." Xiao Zhou is also through the sophomore student, she answered the phone gap, and talking to reporters. Every day at noon to about nearly 100 of ordering the phone, busy to eat after 12:30, eat a lunch in the store."

He Xulei said his part-time clerk 30, the store in addition to two cooks and his uncle, is through a sophomore student uniform, "after 90".

middle school with his father’s students

He Xulei is now reading the application of mathematics is to be adjusted, has always wanted to do business he was reported to be economics. In peacetime, he likes to read is also the "business" such financial magazine.

may be affected by the business family environment, he seems to have a business mind. In high school he would enjoy doing business with his father zounanchuangbei. When I first came to college, while others recommend opening

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