Special weather should pay more attention to service

once the weather is bad, people’s mood will be affected. Many shopkeepers because the streets are scarce, simply close the door no longer do business, which will only lead to poor business shop. The first time the weather is not good, it has been raining, I visited the market found, some shop glass door is closed, and some shops due to the lower, the door also has water, customers simply can not access to shopping inconvenience.

visited a new supermarket, I just get off in front of the supermarket, a female clerk will meet up with an umbrella. When I was introduced to the supermarket, the shop assistant went out again to meet other customers who were ready to shop. Take the umbrella for the customer, the girl in the shop is still the customer into the store before handing in a plastic bag, umbrella will help them up. After entering the store, I found the ground was used to open the box a lot of waste water, the supermarket shopping environment is not affected because of the rain, not to mention there because of the ground water and the safety slip.

if you are in a row of shops are closed on the street to enjoy such a service, you will have what kind of feeling? I was impressed by the casual behavior of the clerk. Seems to be some small move, in fact, contains great wisdom. For the sake of customers, in some small things to provide customers with convenience, so that customers can remember in mind. Especially in the face of special weather, should do better service. Otherwise, even if the price is fair, if the service can not keep up, the customer will be greatly discounted store.

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