And what are the advantages of pie

pie investment in small projects, and remember pie is a worthwhile investment projects, then how to join the brand? What are the advantages? Investors can also give support to join it? Look at the following Xiaobian for you to do a detailed description:

How about

and the pie?

and pie join advantage:

1, a complete system of strict pre and post, post training system, service process and system specification, architecture of learning organization.

2, standard unity: the implementation of a unified and detailed standards, the creation and implementation of visual standards, the success of the standardized model can be copied.

3, service excellence: people-oriented corporate culture, customer first service concept, excellent and mature service team.

4, unique products: Chinese taste, variety, characteristics, innovation, and the formation of a combination of Chinese traditional culture and Western fashion style product system.

5, environmental decoration: first-class plane, interior design team and construction team, the perfect embodiment of the Hutchison business philosophy, to create a comfortable and elegant, rich cultural taste of the dining environment.

6, supervision and management: a unique management system, regular supervision, guidance, training, so that the chain can strictly in accordance with the headquarters of the unified standards and norms to carry out business activities, to ensure a steady increase in turnover.

and pie joining support:

1, site selection and store image support: around the site to conduct a comprehensive assessment, the selection of the best, and to provide pie to join the store decoration design.

2, logistical support: Hutchison investment headquarters to provide special pie dough, fillings.

3, operation support: regional restrictions, to ensure that Hutchison franchise store profits pie.

4, cost optimization management support: professional training and professional knowledge of purchasing, pricing, cost accounting, gross profit control, etc..

5, technical support: and pie investment headquarters to join in the theory and practice of a comprehensive training, including the operation of technical training, management training, standardized process training.

6, innovation support: headquarters will be best for the market navigation, the latest development of marketable products, will launch new products in a timely manner to > and

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