Open cake shop investment analysis

in the rich market, not only a large number of business opportunities, but also very fierce competition, therefore, choose a more reliable business opportunities will become a lot of people’s pursuit. The opening of the cake shop is a large margin of the shop project, a lot of people in the industry know. Many varieties of cakes, cake shop dessert, bread and so on, can do a few hundred percent of the profits, visible, invest in a cake shop or a great profit. There are a lot of friends want to open a cake shop, but can not find ideas. Today, Xiao Bian will bring you the cake shop investment plan for reference.

fresh food is the modern people’s favorite, has become a fashion trend of life. A sweet cake shop, the amount of investment is not high, simple operation, small occupied area, very suitable for business with a small capital doctrine. As long as your cake and dessert taste fresh and unique, the price can be trusted by all the people, it is easy to attract consumers at all levels.

cake shop investment program:

(about 20 square stores as an example)

start assets: about 95 thousand yuan

equipment investment:

1. rent 5000 yuan

2. facade decoration of about 2000 yuan (including store decoration and light box)

3. shelves and sell Taiwan invested about 1500 yuan

4. employees (2) uniform clothing needs $500

5. largest investment in machinery and equipment: 80 thousand yuan (including the full set of cake making appliances)

The first payment:

into flour, butter and other raw materials, about 6000 yuan.

cake shop late economic benefit estimate:

month sales: 21000 yuan (average) according to the insiders evaluation, so a small cake shop in the business on track, the monthly sales of up to 21000 yuan.

monthly expenses: 14033 yuan rent: the best location in the dense residential community residents, commercial street, and near the children’s area (such as the kindergarten playground near or about 5000 yuan).

Cost of goods

: about 30%, about 5000 yuan salary: 10 square meters of shops need to master cake 1, waiter 1, wages totaling 2000 yuan.

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