How much do women need to invest in a clothing store

investment funds determine the size of your shop, then for a female friend, want to open their own clothing store how much money they need? For this, want to do clothing business friends are not very concerned about it? Xiaobian feel that the amount of investment in the clothing to join depends on their own strength! You can throw, also can do small business investment million pieces! Here’s a look at the clothing to join the relevant matters!

props, the shelf is big, of course, simple shop, props is not much money. The second is the model, a cost is not small, low price in 200 (see past) to thousands of dollars, followed by the hanger books ah, ah, ah ah, and other details of the broom mop, are in need of money.   open the clothing store is the last product of funds, the problem also see more, especially the first batch of goods. The application of

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