One document continued to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture and agriculture hi

has been focusing on agriculture for the thirteen consecutive year in the first year of the new year, especially in recent years. This indicates that there are many opportunities for the development of China’s agriculture, and with the deepening of modernization, science and technology, agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship are also emerging.

2016, the central document requirements, must unremittingly promote institutional innovation, efforts to get rid of the obstacles of the system of two urban and rural economic structure, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial dynamism of hundreds of millions of farmers, agriculture and rural development of new energy release. Do the three rural work, the key is to reform to vitality. The development of agriculture and rural areas not only to seek a breakthrough from the outside, but also from the internal potential, activation of its great potential contained by institutional innovation.

Perfect prices of grain and other agricultural products and the formation mechanism of

storage system

document this year, should adhere to market-oriented reforms and to protect the interests of farmers both take "variety of facilities strategy, promoting gradual" approach, perfect the control system of agricultural products market. Rice, wheat continue to implement and improve the minimum purchase price policy, Xinjiang cotton, soybean in the Northeast will be the target price reform pilot depth.

for the current corn sales more prominent contradiction, a document put forward according to the market price, price up separation principle, actively and steadily push forward the reform in the storage system, so that the corn prices reflect the market supply and demand at the same time, considering the reasonable income, farmers finance bear ability, the coordinated development of the industrial chain and other factors, the establishment of maize the producer subsidy system.

to increase support for agriculture investment

The good situation of

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