Lanzhou University campus explosion accident can not be ignored

has been the campus safety accident is a matter that can not be ignored, because some campus safety accidents can be said that this is still very wide, once it happens, it will cause serious social consequences, just yesterday, Lanzhou University had a campus explosion.

7 in the afternoon of 20 March, the Propaganda Department of Lanzhou Chengguan District bulletin, 20, 7:32, the South Campus of Lanzhou University medical campus hospital, gas deflagration accident occurred.


publicity the campus is the South Campus of Lanzhou University medical campus, originally the school network and Continuing Education College of more than two units, office, after be undergraduate apartment. "The students have finished the test, ready to participate in the internship. Just before the explosion, some students just moved in a few days." Public speaking.

the construction of gas pipeline deflagration caused


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