Food ingredients ready to pay attention to what

do this catering industry people know that food safety is the first guarantee business, and the most fundamental problem is how to preserve their own ingredients, ingredients of this link if not handled properly, it will be will greatly influence the effect of catering management. Take the Chinese fast food, Chinese elements fast food business in the market is to ensure food, fresh food, the taste is good, then the elements to attract consumers, Chinese fast food restaurant in the food preparation, the need to pay attention to what


1. season

Chinese fast food restaurant in the food preparation, need to pay attention on the season’s attention, because of the different seasons, when the fresh season is different, choose seasonal ingredients not only cheap, but also is good for health, need attention of Chinese fast food restaurant prepared at the time of purchase.

2. processing

need to focus on food safety guarantee is the Chinese fast-food shop, in order to ensure the safety of every consumer in the diet, all need to pay attention to attention in handling food, ask the cook in handling ingredients is experienced, not familiar with the words can not be used for food processing.

3. storage

because Chinese food in the varieties of rich, some ingredients in the long-term storage after the taste is good, the Chinese fast food shop in the treatment on the need to pay attention to in the storage time of the attention, to ensure that food is edible in shelf life, pay attention to in the pickling process on food.

can be seen, Chinese fast food restaurants in the preparation of ingredients need to pay attention to these, for the quality and taste of the ingredients are very necessary to ensure.

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