ntentions to operate more tourists

business is good or bad, and whether there is a source of tourists, but there is a very big relationship. So, if you want to do a good business hot, nature also need to attract tourists under the great effort. So, how can we let the shop has more customers? Small series suggest that the owners who may wish to operate.

continues to lose potential customers have mixed feelings.

due to the geographical location of Shandong, Linyi, known as the city of Commerce, logistics capital, where foreign business, many workers. My store is located in the junction of main roads in urban and rural areas of Linyi, around ninety percent workers from the plant row upon row of, the south, and now they are my shop consumption of the main force.

actually started doing business, whether it is the daily necessities, or cigarettes, I have to purchase to Linyi local consumer tastes and preferences, although the goods complete, warm service in place, a superb collection of beautiful things, but some local customers, these Southern workers into the store, or just buy some simple things or around a circle, shook his head out. I remain perplexed despite much thought: the store commodity price tag, but there is no genuine goods at a fair price, how to live in the south of the customer?

and a friend chat, I talk about this, I hope he gives me the answer. He analyzed it, said: "due to regional differences, these people’s living habits and Linyi are different, their goods are also different, if you want to make your shop to gather these Southern workers to heart, careful observation, patient inquiry, match up, categories, purchase merchandise display mode to re shuffle." I thought his words made sense, so I decided to do something about it.

match up, must work hard to make friends

says it’s all right. I’ve adjusted the variety. First, increase the southern cigarette varieties and amount of purchase; secondly, the southern workers love spicy food, so I will increase the purchase amount of spicy food; thirdly, southern workers are fond of sports drinks, so every time I purchase, sports drinks have become the first choice……

after the re adjustment, the store’s commodity structure has undergone a qualitative change, more and more workers into the south of my store, many people have become repeat customers, became a talk about friends. When idle, I and they say, Lara homemade, differences on the language of communication does not prevent us from laughing freely.


from Anhui Xiao Wang, a large, almost every day home production of "Mount Huangshan" smoke smoke. Out of the house, I know he is homesick, but also often advised him, smoking is not good for the body, or less pumping good. Every time Xiao Wang nodded his head and smiled at me gratefully. Although Xiao Wang buy cigarettes will reduce my income, but I stand on a friend

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