Start empty-handed, one step enrichment project, easily when the boss!

who would like to live a rich life, of course, can never be rich enough to work, you can start business, right? What kind of business to make money? What is bothering you development? How to realize the university graduates work easily, high wages this desire? One step to make your own boss, what business allows you to easily when the boss? What kind of business to make money? Now take a true story to tell you


"baby running around in the house, grandma chasing after coax fed, mother aside blame the child to eat with my grandmother. Who do you think is wrong? "

"doing the wrong is my baby. Parents should not be in the face of the child dispute or scold, you can communicate privately afterwards. Because harmonious and warm family atmosphere is very important for children’s growth. Mother’s grandmother’s blame, will let the child think he is the cause of the adult quarrel, a sense of oppression." Although only 25 years old, and Cheng Xiaozhen has become a development experts.

"this child is stubborn, look for the thing who don’t want to pull her back." Cheng Xiaozhen of Lanxi, single-handed venture to Jinhua last year. Today, she founded their own early childhood institutions in Jinhua Workers Cultural Palace??? The new baby early education center.

80 are only children, I also like. I don’t want to ‘eat old’, I want to start their own business, and determined to let my parents live a good life with me." Cheng Xiaozhen said that her parents are laid-off workers, as the saying goes, the poor children as early as the family, she felt that her parents raised her is not easy, she had to support themselves early, return parents.

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