The 7 small boss with the class collective sea venture to do business

with the wind in the college students entrepreneurship prevalent, many college students in their spare time on the road to start a business, they will be regarded as the practice into the community before exercise, after formally laid the foundation of entrepreneurial experience.

must take the wind, drove the company to a business? In the view of Management Department of Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Jincheng college 2014 marketing class, that is a bit far from their business. For them, entrepreneurship is a kind of experience, is the desks, books outside the second classroom.

"students do is a small business, this is the beginning of their entrepreneurial path." Jincheng College of Management Department of Party branch secretary Tao Rong brother said, in the class of 40 students belong to 7 entrepreneurial team, 7 "small boss" with the class business, became a minor celebrity in the school "entrepreneurial class".

7, a "small boss" with my "out"

the class of the entrepreneurial team engaged in the project can only be regarded as a small business: Chen Jiawa monitor and learning committee Cheng Dongli, with some of my classmates had a class; Wang Bairan has a shop, looking for creative design from the college teachers and students there, do retro style clothing; "powder" Song Xu’s main team electronic products; Burda with seniors, grinding out a shape of the brokerage company; Xu Bing love movement, in the circle of friends to start a brand of sports shoes to the agent; Guangyi relatives do mahogany furniture, mahogany material more down, he made a series of popular mahogany hand. Welcome……

7 is a "small boss" busy attracted the students full of sound and colour, collective sea". "We often joke that our class slogan is’ the whole class to start a business, make a lot of money ‘, but in fact, for our marketing students, this is a kind of experience outside the textbook. What is said in the textbook is not the case, we want to test through practice." Cheng Dongli said that the main purpose of doing these things is not to make money, more is a kind of experience participation. "A lot of successful people’s big dreams, not all started from a small business?"

"when I want to do or love to do things, we are not afraid of hardship." Song Xu electronic products, often go to Zhujianglu Road to pick up, replacement, "our school is far from the city, the traffic is not easy. Every time I go to Zhujianglu Road by bus to pick up the goods, then bus, back and forth for 4 hours, the car sat backache, but I didn’t feel tired at all."

Training institutions

Cheng Dongli is doing in the summer vacation after the college entrance examination. "I am more interested in training, after the college entrance examination to do a. Later, with a total of a few students, we put out the previous savings, and then find their parents to borrow some money, said dry on the dry." Cheng Dongli said, was walking a lot of places, and finally set a house, after a simple decoration began enrollment. No students, Cheng Dongli and buddy went to the school gate recommended

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