Open their own shop for college student village to provide a new way to transform

now, many college students after graduation, often no longer choose employment, but choose to start their own business. These days, in Shaoxing County Yangxunqiao when college students "village" He Xinhuang is very busy: in addition to the job, he also opened a shop selling men’s clothing. Shop opened only 1 months, he has made a total of $more than and 60, turnover of $more than 1 thousand and 500.

"at the beginning for the civil service exam " plus, a priority, select " " " village; but, through the three civil service exam are frustrated. Seeing the older, he has been considering the transformation of entrepreneurship." He Xinhuang said. There are many college students who share the same idea with him. Right now, it is the 2006, the 2007 college student village appointment expires, their way of social concern.   encourage "village official" to start their own business, is one of the effective methods.

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