Shenyang Normal University college students allowed to retain the school drop out entrepreneurship

not long ago, the Ministry of Education issued opinions, allowing college students to leave school business. Recently, Shenyang Normal University formally promulgated and implemented the scheme, allowing students drop out of business, and retain the school. And give entrepreneurial success students related incentives.

allows students drop out entrepreneurship, retained 1 – 3 years of school, to participate in the "double support" practice and get rewards or patent students preferred to related majors; set the "hit bonus credits, the establishment of student" hit records and transcripts……

12 23 afternoon, Shenyang Normal University issued the "implementation plan" on deepening the reform of Shenyang Normal University innovation and entrepreneurship education and the three supporting documents, set up the 2016 goal of the 2018 stage, for a period of three years, is expected to 2018, the formation of a number of replicated results. The vice president Xia Min said: "to achieve the transition from personnel training to employment dedication education and teaching by imparting knowledge to focus on innovative transformation."

Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship education for

to establish innovation credit accumulation and conversion system

The establishment of innovative curriculum innovation and entrepreneurship practice credits

10 demonstration professional each funded 100 thousand yuan

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