Fishing shop management should pay attention to what the problem

hard after opened a shop, but if there is no attention in the management of the above problems, also makes the store business development is a very big impact. Then, fishing shop management should pay attention to what the problem? Let’s analyze it together.

fishing shop purchase must satisfy the need, management should consider the following factors:

1, open the possibility of losing money to join the chain, as well as their own purchase, familiar with the order.

2, not only have the distribution on the rod, line, float, hook and bait main parts, but also have fishing bag, fishing rod rack, support (plug), umbrella, stool (chair), and other large cap accessories and tool box, float box (cylinder), fishing component, a connecting ring, space beans the oxygenator, and other small accessories, but also to have a raincoat, rain boots and other convenient fishing goods sold.

these goods should be in the middle and low grade, high-grade goods into only a few samples. The main high-grade goods ordering system, and the functions of the party and the government agencies, banks, telecommunications, mobile, Lenovo, power supply, water supply, large state-owned enterprises and other units of cadres and employees and private (private) boss and middle-level cadres of high-grade gear sell orders.

3, open fishing grounds near or less is an important reference to the number of supplies.

4, do not join the relatively good, but to do a good majority of the brand’s products (referring to the price and quality), and then a small part of other brands of the bar. The rod does not need expensive pole, 100~200 sales price of the bar on the OK, and then the price of the bar, others are not willing to help you buy, unless you open the shop is relatively large, this is the store’s confidence problem)

5, fishing tackle shop distribution, common accessories can enter. Fishing rod and other price items, you can control the price of goods into the 20000~30000, the small parts of the total price, probably 3000~5000 yuan.

although the demand for all kinds of fishing gear is constantly increasing, however, the operators on the market is also increasing, resulting in the shop competition is increasingly fierce, so some of the details on the nature of the business we need to pay attention to. So, if you run a fishing shop, these problems will cause your attention?

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