Amazon’s market capitalization of $390 billion more than the total of eight U.S. retailers

Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, 10 years ago the real economy rapid development, compared with retail stores in the United States market, Amazon is relatively inferior a lot; but now changed, Amazon has become more and more powerful. According to an exposure report shows that Amazon’s market value has exceeded the sum of eight U.S. retailers.


Credit Suisse analyst Eugene · Clark (Eugene Klerk) recently said in a report, Seattle based retail giant Amazon’s market value has reached $390 billion, a total of more than the market value of traditional retailers in the United States ranked the top eight.

the eight traditional retailers are best buy (Best Buy BBY), Messi (Department of Macy ‘s, M), Target (TGT), JCPenney (JCP), Nord Stron (Nordstrom, JWN), WAL-MART (WMT), Kohls department store (Kohl s, KSS) and Sears (Department of Sears SHLD).


there is no doubt that this is an impressive and even amazing feat. In 1994, Geoff · (Jeff Bezos) in his own garage set up Amazon, and served as its chief executive officer. But Amazon will have such a feat was not surprising, because in the past 20 years, has changed people’s way of shopping, online shopping this way of shopping has been gradually replaced personally to retail stores like shopping at the same time, because the Amazon retailers such as do not have to pay the cost of the store, so they can provide more low-cost products and services for consumers. In addition, the online shopping model also helps Amazon to invest a lot of money in the establishment of new warehouses, in order to be able to shorten the delivery time items, from a few weeks to a few hours.

especially in the past ten years, Amazon has always maintained sustained development, it is also in the field of cloud computing has invested a lot of energy and money to create a Amazon Web Services platform, Bezos cloud computing field and the field of vertical segments cleverly combined together, to create a sophisticated digital empire.

there is no doubt that Amazon’s share price has risen by 36% over the past 12 months. If the company has an upper limit on growth, Amazon has yet to meet it. (compile / Tang Guo)

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