Taobao Taobao online shop must learn the exclusive privacy course struck!

recently, the English teacher received a lot of foreign business domain Lexus consulting trainee feedback, because usually busy with work, there is no way to arrange a time to come to Shanghai to open the Taobao shop face-to-face learning skills; at the same time to Shanghai training time to take at least a month, delay the work not to say, during the dinner and accommodation is not a small sum overhead, so they hope to launch the Taobao Business English domain online learning courses facilitate the use of spare time to learn online training.

after a year of careful planning and design of the British electricity supplier research and teaching group, we developed a set of online shop is very suitable for Taobao online training courses.


course introduction

this online course system continues below the domain business line from the characteristics of network teaching mode of teaching the overall operation of the module to the subdivision operator of knowledge points, the combined with a large number of success and failure cases of combat teaching method in depth analysis, logical architecture, knowledge of the close connection of tutor Online step by step and demonstrate the practical operation guidance, help students to learn from the zero based, systematic operation procedure and skill shop. In addition, for some operating experience has been operating in the operation, but also from this series of courses in the selection of a number of curriculum modules to make up for their short board operations.

teaching form

pure theoretical teaching content

for some entry-level, process oriented, pure theory on knowledge, we will use a prerecorded Taobao store video tutorial + voice on teaching methods, to facilitate students to download mobile phone at any time, the usage of the fragments of time watching, to deepen our impression and understanding, improve a knowledge system. At the same time also arranged homework, after the completion of the mail submission, to help students better grasp the video content.

The theory of


+ practical teaching content

for some operation difficulty, practical guidance, instructors need to analyze and demonstrate the knowledge, we will use a tutor on the +PPT live online classroom courseware + students online interactive teaching methods, the immersion teaching method can better help you grasp the Taobao shop skills, so that students can learn the latest and most homes will be able to the actual operation of dry cargo.

regular online Q & a

in order to allow students to better understand and master the operating skills, business English teaching and research group domain 10 years senior operation supervisor arrange regular online video to help students solve various questions, encounter in learning and practical operation in the process of operation of the shop.


teaching advantage

British domain electricity supplier is focused on the field of electricity providers to do professional skills training electricity supplier training institutions. Compared with other institutions in the field of online courses, we developed the Taobao Tmall online course training system, more suitable for small sellers below the bottom of the Taobao and zero start

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