Baidu rich text open source editor open source code to third parties

July 12th news, Baidu has officially released Ueditor rich text Web editor (, to third party developers and teams open source code editor.

it is understood that the WYSIWYG editor that is developed by Baidu web front-end research and development, with a lightweight, customizable, focusing on user experience and other characteristics. The industry believes that Ueditor open source editor can reduce the development costs of the site, especially in the deployment of code and customized development solutions.

as a link with the user experience, the pros and cons of the editor will directly affect the user’s application experience. However, because of the lack of domestic advanced rich text editor, many developers are often confused in the choice of the web editor, or the user experience effect is not ideal.

Baidu said Ueditor open source editor’s release will change the status quo. Ueditor based on the BSD open source protocol, in addition to the code simplification, the rapid loading of lightweight features, but also the use of hierarchical concept, so that developers can freely customize the actual application and needs.

informed sources, Ueditor editor is divided into three layers. Among them, the core layer provides developers the underlying API interface such as range, selection, domUtils, command plug-in middle layer is not only provides the basis for a large number of command, but also allows developers to develop command command based on the core layer and the interface layer for end user can provide the freedom to customize the user interface.

Ueditor open source editor which has the ability to match the model, so that developers can access any layer according to their needs to develop. Baidu said that so far, has been carried out on the Ueditor thousands of automated test cases and manual test cases, and on this basis to improve and upgrade the product.

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