The necessary rules for the survival of start-up companies in the harsh environment

editor’s note: standard is an article in Heidi Roizen. She started her own company and managed it for 14 years. Later, she served as senior vice president of Apple Corp responsible for developer relations. Now she is a partner of venture capital firm DFJ Venture. Now the financing environment has undergone some changes, venture capital financing has become increasingly difficult, in such a big environment, how to survive the entrepreneurial company?. To this end, Roizen in this article to share the secondary vocational schools in the harsh environment of the survival of some of the necessary rules. We hope to learn from.

when the risk investment environment changes, as investors we more often than those fighting in the front line of entrepreneurs can earlier find the traces. What is the current investment environment? I think that has changed a lot. For the current entrepreneurs, it is now more difficult to want to finance, and may become increasingly difficult. But I like the famous saying: those who can’t kill us will make us stronger. As entrepreneurs which one would you be? Is more powerful? Or directly off



I have also experienced the Internet bubble, but also learned a lot of experience and lessons. I saw a lot of companies survive in the Internet bubble, but also witnessed a lot of companies directly die miserable scene. What is the result of the two different outcomes of the start-up company? Here is my summary of the start-up companies in the financing environment in the case of the survival of the necessary survival guide.

do not cling to valuation

do you have anything to do with the financing of other companies?. Do you know what your previous financing targets have to do with your next financing?. I know it sounds a little weird. But please believe me, it’s all right now. Now a popular word: Valuation feelings. It would be nice if it could be financed with a high valuation. But now want to melt a lot of money but do not want to dilute too many shares, which is basically impossible. The sooner you accept this reality, the more you can’t hold on to the past, the faster you can get out of it. As I said in the DFJ partner Josh Stein: financing can maintain the same valuation is actually equivalent to the valuation of growth.

redefine success

not long ago, I had lunch with a friend who broke his leg a few months ago and now has to walk with crutches. Before I think the most substantial way to spend the weekend is to run it 10 kilometers, this is a success. Now, I just want to walk without a cane." She said so. After the deterioration of the financing environment, in order to survive, you must learn to redefine success. Whether >

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