BAT O2O Ali Baidu Tencent rush, not in a hurry

today, Ali announced the formal completion of the privatization process of High German, and said it will begin a comprehensive integration with Ali’s business. High German privatization means Ali O2O further, followed by High German O2O project can be successfully promoted.

in the past 1 years, BAT three giants are doing layout around O2O, especially Ali and Tencent is more positive, recent Ali has merged with UC, High German privatization, Tencent invested 58 city O2O, market competition has become the giants of the game.

gradually increased with the giants of the Lazi, O2O industry chain prototype has been presented in the public view, "entrance + service + payment" as the main framework of O2O, the industry chain layout giants are focusing on this framework to enrich the O2O.


Analysis of the industry’s opinion about the BAT

meet the eye everywhere emerge in an endless stream of three giant O2O layout, and the final conclusion of the bias, of course everyone have their own support of the giants, but for most ordinary people to watch, whose layout looks bigger does not matter, available is the most important.

In view of the

O2O layout around BAT has all kinds of versions, the duplicate content do not repeat, we only discuss the latest developments in the various.

Ali: merger UC, privatization of High German, enhance the strength of O2O entry

recently, for Ali in the O2O market is happy, first with UC, then completed high German privatization process, which makes Ali surly and to control the two O2O entrance. Before this game giant O2O, O2O Ali on the entrance of the ability to control is often criticized at the time, Taobao mobile phone and Alipay wallet is Ali only Nadechushou to be called the two O2O entrance. However, Taobao’s mobile phone online shopping attributes too powerful to allow users to ignore the O2O service, and Alipay wallet can also because of its characteristics of payment instruments can provide O2O services limited.

After the

UC and the High German investment, industry of Ali O2O entrance competition have more expectations, however, just as the investment side, Ali did not intervene in command of UC and high moral development, more difficult to integrate their own business advantage, so it will have a final result today, and UC the acquisition of high moral Ali, because of what UC and High German O2O entrance is significant.

UC as the mobile Internet entrance, but also is an important entrance of O2O, one of the O2O development dilemma is due to many life service to standardization, and the most important feature of browser product is carrying every kind of demand for the use.

for restaurants, hotels, entertainment, tickets, transportation and other LBS services, high moral map is the best choice for Ali entrance. In addition, now UC, Gao De belong to Ali’s, UC’s Pan entrance >

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