Electricity supplier industry Matthew effect to upgrade the future focus on management and user expe

electricity supplier industry Matthew effect upgrade, the first echelon of the enterprise has been transformed from the original vertical electricity supplier integrated platform. After 2011 staking, price shopping, the future development of platform enterprises will pay more attention to the fine management and enhance the user experience.

Tmall: Online shoppingmall

Taobao mall in 2012 is the first news conference to announce his own name, Tmall". Although Ali will be positioned as Tmall e-commerce ecosystem B2C, but in fact, Tmall’s model is completely different from other B2C. If Amazon, Jingdong is a retailer, then Tmall is actually a shoppingmall, which is not to earn retail profits, but commercial real estate rent".

relies on Taobao platform to grow up in the Taobao Tmall from the internal to the merger, and then split. With the rapid growth of China’s B2C model, Tmall has stepped up its own independent pace. 2010 in November, enabled an independent domain name, in June 2011 from Taobao spin off independent management and operations. The October 2011 launch of the new rules caused a great disturbance, but the purpose is to complete the business market classification management and upgrade, after the capital coincides with the winter, Taobao mall and the introduction of 38 independent B2C.2012 in January 11th, Taobao announced the new name Tmall mall.

although President Zhang Yong does not recognize, but some people in the industry will be interpreted as a move to Taobao". Tmall was born in Taobao, a large number of businesses are Taobao started and then stationed in Tmall. The Tmall platform with more Taobao gene, and this gene to create a network version of American "Fifth Avenue", "Champs Elysees" in France street is disadvantageous.

Zhang Yong revealed that Taobao mall in 2011 full year turnover has more than 100 billion yuan, an increase of 3.5 times in 2010, the average daily number of independent visitors exceeded 10 million. In the entire e-commerce industry, both from the size of the transaction and business model, Tmall does not seem to have competitors. But with the rapid growth in the number of business, foreign B2C huaiguitai, small business service quality and goods quality problems still exist. Do not control the goods, only to control the flow of information Tmall, its management boundaries will be greater and greater. How to unify the size of the business in a management framework, how to allow users to experience a unified and quality service is its 2012 or even longer challenges in the future.

Amazon China: latent force

Amazon China for other electricity supplier companies, is a potential competitors, it is very low-key, which is interpreted by some media as Amazon does not attach importance to the Chinese market. In fact, as the e-commerce industry rarely multinational companies, Amazon’s market strategy tends to be robust. Open platform business with third parties, for example, in 2008, Amazon’s global trading volume from the open platform of the third parties accounted for >

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