Secret circle of friends scam vote winning, point like money, these are routines Beijing

May 31st new media news (reporter Xiang Dingjie Wang Junbao) from time to time to see the circle of friends, who also participated in a baby contest, need help to vote, perhaps this is the beginning of a hoax, some people also paid a painful economic losses……

"61" International Children’s Day is approaching, such as MOE baby selection and other nature of the vote, point praise, forwarding activities also increased in the circle of friends. Many people express their boredom, but also increasingly aware of the importance of network security. In recent years, the police have investigated and dealt with a number of cases to expose a number of forms of fraud in the circle of friends, Xinhua News Agency reporters conducted an investigation combing.

voting leaked information "poison link" hidden in the tricky

recently, the Liaoning police made a video, explain in detail the circle of friends to vote, canvassing fraud insider. One mentioned, there are some children in the game, the participation threshold is low, lucrative prizes, no need to fight as long as a talent, photos and related personal information to join, you can get rich rewards by vote.

reporter search "WeChat" and "vote" and "fraud" and other words found that really there are a lot of people to participate in the "adorable baby named" class WeChat vote to get money. These scams require applicants to provide real family information, voters pay attention to the first account or bind the phone.

police pointed out that the organizers of such activities are the authenticity of a mystery, but did not elaborate send a prize. Once the liar to grasp the user’s important personal information, they will make up some serious illness, such as traffic accidents trap, the implementation of illegal acts.

some parents for their children will take the initiative to select winning money brush votes, this part also hidden tricky. "Even if you spend a lot of money, you may always be second, not the first, because the first data can be changed at any time".

and "poison link" is to make no defense against. A few days ago, Zhang Chongqing Jiulongpo children to friends to vote, the click to download a software. Soon, his bank card stolen brush more than 20 thousand yuan.

police, canvassing itself does not constitute a violation of the law, but if it involves awards or money interests through malicious brush votes to obtain higher ranking may be suspected of fraud. Many of the contest organizers issued mostly through public number or web links, even if there are complaints from the masses, the police have sealed off, and the true identity of their company and never announced, a public number and name contest can also continue to defraud.

intersection fee to do a little bit of manual praise can make money?

in April this year, Guizhou, Guiyang, Mr. Fu to download a product point of praise can make money for APP applications, ten points will be able to earn $five. But the name is "good times don’t last long, Juxin science and technology" companies Juankuan run away, there are hundreds of people to be deceived.

victim Xu said, through a friend, he spent 200 yuan to buy a network mall membership

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