nternet Co rush fund sales Baidu to sell Sina flow of soy sauce


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The most obvious feature of

Chinese Internet, is "like a swarm of bees". When the concept of Internet banking came from the Internet companies can not sit still. After the balance of treasure, 100 hair, WeChat, Sina, micro-blog, and even Sohu will join the large team of fund sales.

NetEase technology trying to sort out these teams in the team, the surface of the fund to sell, in the end what medicine to sell


also attack the balance of treasure

and 100 respectively, the balance of treasure docking Celestica fund day hongzeng and Huaxia Fund China Jinzeng Li currency E, belong to the IMF, the IMF’s profit model is mainly composed of the management fee income, sales service fee income, fee income, interest income, investment income. Among them, due to the overall monetary fund is not high, so this part of the income is not accounted for, accounting for the largest revenue from sales revenue.

and specific to Alipay and Celestica fund, Celestica fund according to the current sales volume of 100 billion yuan, accounting for 0.3% of the total management fees will be owned by the fund company, which Celestica can be obtained from the management fee income 300 million yuan. To this end Alipay, Celestica in technology or channel management fees from Alipay and divided, the two sides did not disclose the specific share of. But according to an insider, after a few meters fund net and three party fund sales website to sell funds, fund companies need website is divided into 30%-40% management fee.

however, insiders also revealed that some Internet companies, the most recent fire out of the need for cooperation is to extract the fund up to 70% of the management fee, the company is likely to be alipay. According to this calculation, the balance of treasure on the line for half a year, Alipay has at least benefit from 1-2 billion yuan, plus shares after Celestica fund shareholders.

In addition to

profit income, the balance of treasure for Alipay, Alipay is to revitalize precipitation funds, and allow users to put the money to put money in the most willing to Ali in the whole system.

Internet Financial observers think Jiangnan young cynic is that the balance of treasure, there is an important significance to deal with Alipay, is the central bank deposit management approach. "This has been a stone pressure on alipay. Because this approach requires Alipay continuously with transaction volume increase of registered capital, the registered capital of the promotion for Ali, belonging to the larger funds more low occupancy and the net capital return is low behavior. Must find a way to bypass."

attempts to "fight" the WeChat

so, the balance of treasure for Alipay, is also a strategy of the attack and defence. The payment has not yet become the scale of WeChat, it is full of attack.


said WeChat is able to fight against the fund balance treasure?

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